22.05.14 // Education

The Court ordered the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to present a program to extend the primary level whole day schools

The Appeals Chamber of the City of Buenos Aires ordered the Government to develop and present a program to extend the public whole day schools in three school districts whose population present high levels of poverty, having recognized that those who live in these districts are discriminated in the access to such schools.

The decision was taken in the context of a collective case brought by ACIJ, which questioned discrimination in the educational provision of whole day schools at a primary level. In three school districts that have the highest levels of poverty and lower educational levels, access to primary day schools is comparatively lower than in other areas of the city, whose population is not poor. In this case, ACIJ showed that educational provision is discriminatory based on social and economic conditions and that in recent years the government did not use the available resources for school construction.

The ruling is not final because it was appealed by the Government in all of its parts, and in one of its points by ACIJ.