Strengthening Democratic Institutions

Info & Objectives


The Strengthening Democratic Institutions program’s mission is to contribute to the development and consolidation of public institutions that respect democratic principles, in order to better guarantee the protection of fundamental rights.

In order to achieve its goals, the program investigates and monitors government policies, generates proposals to enrich public debate, establishes ties of cooperation between the State and civil society and promotes institutional reforms that allow for a good-faith fulfillment of the principles and norms that State agencies are obligated to follow.


  • To contribute to the process of constructing an institutional system that honors democratic and constitutional principles, and permits the safeguard of fundamental rights.
  • To contribute to the public debate regarding the implementation of reforms aimed at improving the functioning of the State, in the administrative, legislative and judicial realms, as well as regulatory and audit agencies.
  • To improve the institutional channels to promote participatory and deliberative practices in the management of public affairs.
  • To promote space for articulation between public institutions and the civil society in the design and implementation of transparency policies, and the strengthening of auditing and control mechanisms and accountability.


The TPA INITIATIVE is a regional project that aims to contribute to the strengthening of public auditing systems in Latin America, by promotng transparency, citizen participation and accountability practices in Supreme Audit Institutions.

The Transparency Legal Competitions Initiative was launched by the Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia (ACIJ) in order to monitor the selection procedures for judges and other members of the local judicial branch.


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