Rights and Community Building in Urban Slums

Info & Objectives


Urban slums and informal settlements, locally referred to as “villas”, are places where violations of fundamental rights are concentrated. In Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area, large segments of society cannot meet their basic needs and lack adequate access to the institutional system to demand that these needs be met.

The objective of the Rights and Community Construction in Urban Slums program is to serve as a tool for villa residents so that they can defend their fundamental human rights.

With this aim in mind, since 2005 ACIJ has been developing tools and instruments to strengthen their demands, increase the visibility of the denial of their rights, and empower the residents of these impoverished communities.
Currently, the program works with residents of the following neighborhoods: Villa 31-31 Bis in Retiro, Villa 21-24 in Barracas, Villa 20 in Lugano, Villa 1-11-14 in Bajo Flores, among others. In the Province of Buenos Aires, we coordinate actions with the residents of Barrio San Ignacio in the municipality of Esteban Echeverria, as well as several neighborhoods in the municipality of Lanús and Villa Inflamable in Avellaneda.


  • Strengthen the capacity of community organizations and residents of villas and informal settlements to exercise the defense of their right to access public services and decent housing, through the use of civic, administrative and legal tools.
  • Facilitate coordination between key players in the villas and public authorities, business representatives and civil society organizations.
  • Support the demands (administrative and judicial) of villa residents for access to public services and decent housing.
  • Raise awareness among authorities and civil society about the problems of lack of access to decent housing in the villas, increasing both the quantity and quality of information available about this problem in the media.


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