Community Legal Action


About Us

Our organization’s Community Legal Action program created the Center for Community Legal Support (CALC, in Spanish initials), as a space articulated by social organizations, with the aiming of offering free legal counsel and representation in collective cases.

CALC was constructed in the headquarters of the Fundación Defensores del Chaco, located in the municipality of Paso del Rey, Moreno, in the western suburbs of Greater Buenos Aires, and was inaugurated in May 2004.

The issues that CALC works with our primarily related to the conditions of access and availability of public services and the defense of community social and economic rights. We act together with neighborhood residents, organizations and social institutions, and promote the use of institutional tools to resolve the different problems that Moreno’s residents and neighborhood/community organizations identify as important.

CALC also functions as a community center, where activities aimed at community building, debate and communication of local problems linked with access to basic services are held.


  • Promote tools for residents and social/community organizations to learn about, use and demand the fulfillment of their rights.
  • Contribute to the process of consolidating spaces for dialogue, participation and rights defense in the community.
  • Increase the number of key players, the information and the training and communication strategies available to the community.


Center for Community Legal Support (CALC)

Address: Padre Varvello 4800, Paso del Rey, Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires

Tel: (0237) 462-0085


Cuartel V

About Us

The Project for Training, Management and Collective Actions to Make Effective the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the residents of Cuartel V is a joint initiative of the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ) and Comunidad Organizada which receives financing from the European Union.


  • Facilitate the resolution and proper channeling of the legal problems that limit the capacities of civil society groups, organizational networks, and neighborhood residents.
  • Provide practical management, training and networking tools.
  • Promote institutional channels for administrative and legal complaints in situations and cases where rights are violated.
  • Deepen community awareness and citizen education about the rights and responsibilities of users and consumers of public services.

Legal Advice

The Legal Advice and Counsel Centers are spaces which offer free legal assistance and deal with neighborhood residents’ legal questions. These centers focus on the defense of the community’s economic and social rights, and especially on the conditions of access and availability of public services.

Legal Counsel Center for Users and Consumers of Public Services

Address: Av. Derqui 6670.
Hours of services: Monday and Thursday, 11 AM – 3 PM.

Mobile Legal Assistance Centers

In order to be more accessible to local residents, these centers receive questions and complaints in different neighborhoods. The sites and working hours of the Mobile Centers are communicated to residents through brochures and our website.


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