19.10.14 // Institutional Strengthening, News, Topics

We promoted citizen engagement within oversight agencies and coordinated the TPA Initiative

Building upon the citizen engagement agenda promoted by OLACEFS´ Participation Committee, ACIJ provided technical assistance to the Comptrollers´ General of Paraguay and Costa Rica to develop pilot programs aimed at increasing collaboration between SAIs and civil society. These initiatives have been thoroughly documented, and shared within the regional community along a webinar session attended by more than 40 participants.

As coordinator of the TPA Initiative, ACIJ also organized a webinar series on SAI strategic communication, which has been sponsored by OLACEFS´ Accountability and Citizen Participation Commissions. Around 30 people have taken part in the three sessions, including SAI representatives, CSOs and members of international organizations from more than 12 countries.

In view of strengthening communication with stakeholders engaged in the TPA agenda, we also launched a monthly newsletter to keep them all updated on the Initiative´s achievements, disseminate the most recent studies and publications, and share the good practices implemented by Latin American SAIs to promote citizen participation.

Similarly, we have addressed Ombudsman offices in the region to engage in the TPA agenda, and coordinated a series of case studies in Argentina, Uruguay and Peru, which have been published, disseminated and replicated by international organizations. Furthermore, we took part -both as presenters and participants- in the OGP webinar series concerning entry points for control organisms to promote open government initiatives, and co-organized a panel at the OGP Regional Meeting for the Americas together with the World Bank Institute.