18.12.13 // Institutional Strengthening, Institutional Strengthening, News

U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre publish an article on relationship building between control institutions and the public

The U4 Anti-Corruption Centre recently published an article which utilised the TPA Initiative’s experiences- which is coordinated by ACIJ- as a network promoting ways to improve interaction between supreme audit institutions (EFS) and the Latin American public.

The article “When supreme audit institutions engage with civil society: Exploring lessons from the Latin American transparency participation and accountability initiative” consists of a close practical consideration of discussions of high interest in the international community: how to strengthen public control systems and promote governmental transparency and accountability in an alliance between social and institutional actors.

This agenda has been one of ACIJ’s central missions, which has been implemented since 2010 thought the TPA Initiative, a network which co-ordinates Latin American social organisations, promoting transparency and civil involvement in audit institutions.

The article contains 5 sections. The first explains the conceptual framework of the area, and reflects on difficulties, benefits and opportunities for strengthening the relationship between the public and supreme audit institutions. The second section covers the experiences and agenda of the TPA Initiative, breaking down its objectives, strategic focus, reform theories and initial launch activities. In the third part, the key factors for effective involvement between supreme audit institutions and the public are analyzed, addressing the associated preconditions from an institutional context, such as the level of autonomy of the institutions, and the roll of those who lead the regional agenda in the promotion public interaction. In the fifth part any perceived deficiencies and the plan for the future are synthesized. The article finishes by outlining the lessons learnt and extended recommendations for all those interested in promoting community involvement methods in public regulations.

Click here to see the article, completed by Renzo Lavin and Carolina Cornejo from ACIJ and Aranzazu Guillan Montero from the U4 Anti-Corruption Centre.