28.10.14 // News, Urban Slums, Urban Slums

The right to housing in the 2015 Budget of the City of Buenos Aires

Access to a decent housing and a suitable habitat is not merely a personal aspiration, but a constitutional right that, in order to be effective, requires State intervention. The exponential growth of the housing deficit is not only related to a problem of lower incomes or greater individual difficulties. It is the State itself that through its public policies makes it increasingly difficult to find a decent place to live in the city but makes it easier to invest in it with speculative purposes.

It is our intention to contribute through this document to the legislative debate, in which we expect that spaces for citizen participation are opened –based on Article 52 of the Constitution of the City-, and that the serious violations of rights -that might occur if the budget allocations are not modified- are reverted in order to make the right to housing effective.

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