08.11.13 // News, Urban Slums, Urban Slums

Review of the Draft CABA (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) 2014 Budget

ACIJ (Civil Association for Equality and Justice) presented a report ‘Draft CABA finance Review 2014’, an analysis of the current legislation regarding the living standards and politics for people living in the ‘villas’ or urban slums.

Some conclusions were:

  • The different housing related parties have been making great budget cuts since 2005, continuing in the current 2014 Draft report relating to the general proposal for the city. This budget is the most regressive from the last nine years, while spending on housing represented 5.3% of the city´s general budget before, in the current draft budget it represented only 2.1%.
  • Similarly, in relation to the areas of the budget directed at the urban slums, in this coming year´s budget, 0.7% of the political resources were dedicated to the urban slums, 4 times lower than in 2005.
  • Meanwhile, a strong fragmentation and inconsistency exists within housing politics which has been reducing the competence and budget reporting of the legally assigned body, which is causing constant changes. This creates an overall inconsistency and a lack of planning within the housing department, which means there is more incompetence and overlap between departments, with which it will not be possible to create an independent sector budget, and in general practise, confusion about which of the governmental representatives are responsible.
  • Another relevant element is that the politics of emergency housing planning takes priority and is dealt with urgency, which does not cover urbanization and other urban residents.
  • Finally, the lack of disintegration of the information regarding the work and the urban slums prevented the development and budget management during the year on behalf of the social organisations and the inhabitants.

Before this analysis, the inhabitants of the various urban slums, alongside ACIJ, requested a modification to the budget, which on Monday the 11th of November will be presented to the legislators. To request more information about the modification request, click here.

Full report here.