12.06.14 // Anti-corruption, Community Action, News

Online platform “Declaraciones Juradas Abiertas” (Public Officials Asset Disclosure) has been awarded a prize.

The “Declaraciones Juradas Abiertas” platform, developed by ACIJ along with Directorio LegislativoPoder Ciudadano and La Nación Data was awarded first place in the category of “Data journalism application or website” at the “Data Journalism Awards” (best data journalism application or website). Under this category, interactivity plays an important role, and the project must assure both the explanation of the topic and provide the user the opportunity to explore what the platform has to offer.

The competition began with 530 applicants and after the pre-selection of 72 applicants for 7 different categories, “Declaraciones Juradas Abiertas” platform won in its category.

Data Journalism Awards acknowledge outstanding work in data journalism through any media across the world. They reward examples of research, data applications and narrated visual data that cover relevant issues to society, and their goal is to stimulate a social impact.

The presentation of public officials financial declarations is one of the most vital tools in our institutional system to prevent cases of corruption, since they provide a detailed picture of public officials assets and their evolution throughout their term. Public officials financial declarations contribute to providing greater levels of transparency in public administration, allowing the public to have access to tools to hold public officials accountable.

“Declaraciones Juradas Abiertas” platform is an initiative that brings transparency to public officials asset declarations from the three branches of government in a simple and accessible form to the public.

Check out the platform here: http://interactivos.lanacion.com.ar/declaraciones-juradas/