03.11.14 // Education, News, Urban Slums

Hearing before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission: the state of economic, social, and cultural rights in the Americas

On Friday, October 31st in Washington D.C, a topical hearing took place on the state of economic, social, and cultural rights in the Americas, as court-appointed by the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.

ACIJ participated in the hearing and during its presentation referred to the violations of economic, social, and cultural rights of the people living in informal settlements or slums in Latin America. ACIJ expressed that these are “completely segregated areas; defining actual ghettos where poverty is concentrated.”

The case of Buenos Aires was focused on, and ACIJ presented a series of budgetary indicators that proved the resources allotted to address this disregarded issue insufficient, selectively distributed, yearly decreased on their investments –compared to other uncritical expenditures-, and that these funds are persistently cut and underspent.

Faced with this reality, ACIJ petitioned the Commission to follow up the situation and evaluate particularly the budgetary indicators. Moreover, it requested the Commission to develop standards on the application of international human rights law principles on budgetary matters: the principle of non-discrimination, progressiveness, and the maximum usage of available resources.

To read more about the relation between social rights and the budget, check out http://presupuestoyderechos.acij.org.ar/

Watch the hearing in this video.