09.10.15 // News

Budget and Rights Week

“Think the budget is to think the equality, the democracy and the rights”

October 13 -16, 2015.  Argentine Chamber of Deputies. Av. Rivadavia 1864, Buenos Aires.
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Public policies aimed at guaranteeing equality and overcoming the conditions of exclusion require the allocation and execution of public resources. The entire budget process should be developed with consideration to established priorities in the constitution and human rights treaties and laws. The National Government and the City of Buenos Aires have assumed obligations that directly apply to the budget.

The different stages of the budget cycle (formulation, discussion, approval, execution and control) should be devised in consideration of rights, and should ensure transparency and access to information as well as opportunities for citizen participation.

During “Budget and Rights” Week, we aim to reflect on and discuss the impact of budget allocation on certain rights and practices that characterize the budget process.

During the week, various organizations will convene at six meetings about the following topics: housing, education, mental health, gender, freedom of expression and budget democracy. Each meeting brings together government officials, legislators, journalists, academics, civil society organizations and other actors linked to the issues discussed.