01.11.14 // News, Urban Slums

Activism and legal empowerment to realize the right to safe drinkable water in the slums of Buenos Aires

During 2014 ACIJ conducted a participatory research with neighbors from different urban slums of Buenos Aires on the right to water. The project reflected a general assessment of the situation that is lived daily in these neighborhoods, addressing the “puzzle” of access to the service, identifying the responsibilities of government actors and outlining a “map of the conflict”.

Simultaneously, upon the detection of the most pressing obstacles in each neighborhood, we evaluated different ways to advocate for the rights to be fulfilled. Among others, ACIJ produced budget analysis, access to information requests to monitor the tendered and/or planned public works, we carried out tests to identify weather the neighborhoods had access to safe drinking water or not, administrative presentations before government entities and legal writs.

In addition, within the context of the legislative debate about the Budget Law for 2015, ACIJ carried out meetings with legislators and grassroots organizations in which we asked for budget allocations to cover the housing deficit. All our actions were strengthened by the dissemination of the information through the media and social networks.