15.12.14 // News, Topics, Urban Slums

ACIJ was successful in achieving a rise of 71 million pesos for housing in the 2015 Budget of the City of Buenos Aires

With the aim of contributing to the legislative debate on the 2015 budget for housing and with the intention of making the right to housing effective, ACIJ launched the report “The right to housing in the 2015 Budget of the City of Buenos Aires” in October of 2014. In this report ACIJ analyzed the budget assigned for the fulfillment of the right to housing in 2015, paying special attention to the budget allocations for the public bodies responsible for the implementation of the housing policies.

Since the presentation of the report, we started discussions with the City’s legislators and organized meetings with the neighbors of various urban slums and social movements. We presented a petition to 60 legislators requesting that the considerations of the neighbors were considered during the budget discussion. Some members of the Legislature made a commitment to bring these issues into the discussion and to request specific budget allocations to enhance water public works in these neighborhoods.

From ACIJ, we invited social organizations to be present during the discussion and claim for a budget that included the necessary resources to respond to the vital right of decent housing and suitable habitat.

After two months of very intensive work with the community-based organizations and monitoring the Legislature debate, we achieved a rise in the budget allocations. During 2015, we will continue working in the monitoring of those resources to assure that they are utilized for the fulfillment of the rights of the slums residents.