21.11.14 // Education, News, Topics

ACIJ and Families for Public Schools launched the campaign “No Child without School”

ACIJ and Families for Public Schools launched the campaign “No Child without School”, with the objective of inciting Buenos Aires City Representatives to include funds for constructing schools in the 2015 budget, which would address the lack of vacancies in kindergartens in the capital city.

To bring awareness to the problem and invite society at large to join in this request, we published a petition on the platform change.org, which supporters can sign. The petition can be accessed here: www.change.org/niunchicosinescuela

This year, 7500 boys and girls were denied a place in the initial education at public schools in the City of Buenos Aires. They were left out of kindergartens because of a lack of school vacancy slots.

We invited the citizenship to join the campaign through:



Our Achievement:

After several actions, and thanks to the nearly 20,000 people who joined the campaign with their signatures, ACIJ and Families Public Schools, the legislators of the City of Buenos Aires incorporated 60 million pesos in the 2015 budget for the construction of new schools. This implies that the Government is obliged to use those resources available to develop public works in schools.

Although this increase on its own will not solve the problem of lack of vacancies, it is a necessary and important step to advance in our petition for NO CHILD WITHOUT A SCHOOL.