09.12.14 // Anti-corruption, Anti-corruption, News

10 urgent points for the anti-corruption agenda in Argentina

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day -established by the United Nations Convention against Corruption to be commemorated on December 9-, ACIJ launches a document with ten urgent points that should guide the public policy agenda of our country. Also, together with the organization Forensic Accountants –within the framework of the coalition “La Otra Trama”- we conducted a video explaining the issues brought by the regulations related to comprehensive financial asset disclosure of public officials, and the need to fully comply with the Public Ethics Law.

Corruption is a practice that occurs between individuals, but has a wide range of corrosive consequences for society as a whole. Undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to human rights violations, distorts markets, undermines the life quality of citizens and allows the strengthening of organized crime and other threats to security and human dignity.

Corruption specially affect those suffering from lack of basic resources because it diverts the funds intended for development, undermining the ability of governments to provide basic services, fostering inequality and injustice and being an obstacle to the effective enforcement of rights.

As members of the UNCAC Coalition – a global coalition of more than 350 public interest groups- we believe that advancing into a more democratic and truly inclusive and equal society requires actively fighting corruption, so that government transparency is not an empty concept but a real horizon within the rule of law.

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