Educational Equality

Info & Objectives


The Equality of Education program was born in 2006, under the notion that in the contexts of severe socioeconomic inequality currently present in the City of Buenos Aires and Argentina as a whole, compulsory basic education is one of the State’s most fundamental tools to neutralize the impact of social differences and equalize opportunities for all individuals. In this framework, considering that the State has made clear commitments to promote equality in the education sector, we decided to begin analyzing the form in which the City government distributed its educational resources.

Our analysis revealed that in the City, which has one of the most stable, sophisticated and best financed public education sectors in the country, the allocation of resources punishes low-income residents with an unequal and discriminatory educational system, rather than acting to neutralize the asymmetries.

For this reason, the eradication of the practices that condemn the poorest children to a structural circuit of inferior educational quality is one of the program’s main goals. ^


  • Identify in detail the existing problems of inequality in the educational system of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • Improve public visibility and raise awareness of the situation of inequality.
  • Promote improvements to help solve the problems identified.
  • Formulate proposals to design non-discriminatory educational policies.
  • Carry out advocacy with public institutions to achieve concrete improvements in situations of inequality.


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