20.04.14 // Education, Education

Raising awareness about the exclusion of people with disabilities

This report, produced by the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ), addresses the legal duty of States to produce adequate and accessible information that reveals the fulfillment of social rights and in particular, the educational situation of people with disabilities (PWD). Both the Convention on the Rights of PWD and the Committee on the Rights of PWD expressly recognize the State’s obligation to collect information -including statistical and research data- that allows to identify and remove barriers, develop and implement policies, and assess the State’s compliance of the obligations stated in the human rights treaty.

This document provides tools to monitor and enforce the State’s obligation to produce information and to use the information resource for advocacy strategies. In this report you will find a review of the recommendations of the Committee to different countries, about the obligation to produce information and the right to inclusive education. In addition, emphasis on the importance of producing information linking poverty and disability is made, given the correlation that exists between the effect of exclusion and access to basic human rights, and in the identification of when the State must produce information. Finally we share useful arguments to defend the right to information and the importance of having access to it; together with court decisions that recognize the State’s obligation.

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