Budget and finances


Our efforts to secure the funding necessary to carry out our organization’s projects are concentrated in ACIJ’s Program Development Area, which works primarily through international cooperation mechanisms.  Receiving support from international organizations permits us to take on daring, large-scale projects with great transformative potential, allowing us to achieve goals that would otherwise be extremely difficult to attain.

Annual reports and finantial information

One of our key objectives is the promotion of transparency in different government agencies. In line with this goal, we believe it is fundamental to project and promote the same values of transparency in civil society organizations’ practices. Thus, our organization makes public all information regarding the funds that we receive from individual donors, foundations, and international cooperation agencies.

ACIJ does not receive donations from companies that provide public services, nor companies that occupy dominant roles in the market, nor those who currently are or potentially could be directly or indirectly related with ACIJ’s areas of work or advocacy.

ACIJ does not accept any limits on its advocacy actions as a condition for any donation or support.

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