Citizen Action and Anti-Corruption

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A democratic system necessarily requires the contributions of citizens in the strengthening of its institutions, as an indirect exercise of popular sovereignty. Corruption is a scourge that violates human rights, accentuates social inequalities, and adversely affects the development of the population.

We have pursued a number of avenues which, in our understanding, allow us to promote more and better democracy, and have carried out an intense effort against corruption, which is especially damaging for developing nations.

Citizen participation in the struggle against corruption is a necessary condition to ensure positive and sustainable results.

The Citizen Action and Anti-Corruption program works with this objective in mind.

The program aims to promote transparency in public agencies and government institutions and to analye and promote improvements in the judicial system with respect to the investigation, prosecution and punishment of corrupt officials.


  • Strengthen democracy and institutional quality by actively participating in the fight against corruption.
  • Promote transparency in the public sector.
  • Encourage citizen activism in the filing of charges of corruption and advocating for the progress of criminal cases related to corruption.
  • Promote improvements in the judiciary with respect to the prosecution and punishment of abuses of authority.

Blog and Social Networks

Sin Corrupción

This blog publishes reports and initiatives that ACIJ is carrying out in our struggle against corruption and for transparency in different state agencies and branches of the government, complementing them with national and international news reports.

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