About Us

The Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to the defense of the most disadvantaged groups in our society and the strengthening of democracy in Argentina.

Founded in 2002, ACIJ’s goals are to promote the effective enforcement of the National Constitution and the principles of the rule of law, promote compliance with laws that protect disadvantaged groups, eradicate all discriminatory practices, and contribute to the development of participatory and deliberative democratic practices.

Mission and Goals


Our mission is to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions, promote respect for fundamental rights and work to defend our society’s most vulnerable groups.


  • Engage in collaborative efforts to achieve better functioning and greater transparency in public institutions, such as administrative and legislative bodies, courts, regulatory entities and monitoring agencies.
  • Promote the enforcement of the National Constitution and effective compliance with the laws that protect disadvantaged groups and struggle for the eradication of laws and practices which discriminate against historically marginalized minority groups.
  • Raise awareness among citizens about their basic rights and the channels available for their protection.
  • Make proposals for public policy reforms.
  • Train professionals from diverse disciplines who are committed to public interest issues.


  • Civic and legal activism.
  • Monitoring of government actions.
  • Generation and dissemination of information.
  • Development of communication strategies using new technologies.
  • Training and capacity-building for civil society.
  • Drafting and promotion of public policy proposals.
  • Collaboration networks with non-governmental organizations, universities and other civil institutions.



  • Guido Dinardi
  • Ana Inés Dutari
  • Jennifer Ferré
  • Tamara Laznik
  • Leandro Panelo
  • Sofía Rodriguez Ares
  • Mariana Rodriguez
  • Agustina Obligado Uranga
  • Daiana Yoban